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Hello!im not to bad at animemaker so i hope u like it! ~Jade (ღˇ◡ˇღ)

Jade:nice,fox,19,bisexual,brother:Jack,Sprit animal,Fox,gender:F,Crush:Naope ;-;
animal:Wolf,WEIRD,shy,wear:Maks,boots,Dislikes:demons,mean people,Fans??,water.
Name stuff:candy,pie,toys,girls XD,And more.. a story:when I was young I lost my dog i wouldent find it..when I tried i got lost in the woods my parents wouldent find me..the next day police found me..then I went back home get a lot of attention..THE NEXT DAY my dog was found at my friends house and I got it back lucky!we were both safe

~Jade out!

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