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#cartoonlife 🟧✏🟩πŸ’₯🟨

PFP: an absolutely awesome fanart of my character Luzo, by @birgooy on Instagram!! His animemaker account is πŸ€πŸ’€RubioπŸ’€πŸ€ hehe

β˜† Hi animemaker people, call me Mimz !

> ♀️ (she/her)

> Young french aspiring cartoonist & animator !

> My main inspirations (shows & games): Looney Tunes & Disney (or just the whole golden era of animated cartoons!! my forever loveβ™‘), South Park, Minecraft, Toontown Rewritten, Minuscule (or insects), Rabbids, Splatoon, Sr Pelo, Tex Avery, Animal Crossing, Space Goofs, Phineas & Ferb, Kaeloo, Gorillaz

> Important info: The only posts I keep in public are my animations; I unlist all my 1 frame posts (or just drawings that are really unimportant to the account). So please don't ask about me unlisting my posts, thank you !!

β€’ Instagram: @batz_222 (more active but i mostly speak french)
β€’ Youtube: @SLMDC ---> Currently developping an animated series! (also in french)

β˜† Hope you enjoy my content ! β˜†

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