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Hai im NightMoon Fox :3 im going to do Q & A so lets get starded
Q:whats is your favorite food?
A:pankaces -3-
Q:whats ur favorite bring?
A: ShocolateMilkShake
Q:hos your Bf?
A:I dont had a Bf decause he love another girl ;-; i get trigged of My df but idc really idc :\
Q:can u draw me?
Q:can i draw u?
Q:do u had any silbling?
A:Yes but they DONT whant to join AnimeMaker ;(
Q:whats ur favorite animal
Q:whats ur favorite food?
Q:How old are u
Q:do u like Undertale?
Q:do u play AnimalJam?
Q:Are u A mender OR non-mender on AnimalJam?
Q:Do you have pets?
A:no but My bab says he Is going to adolp two Little puppies one girl and one boy:3(JK ITS 3 puppies two Boys and one girl <3)
Q:are u popular?
A:L.O.L idn :3
Q:Are u a girl OR boy?
A:lol im a girl
Q:can we call u moon?
A:Yes just call me moon BECAUSE i like to be call moon and not night :3
Q: Were do u live?
A:Texas but im not telling were im am decause i whant to be Safe :3
Q:Do u get bully
A:Yes :( sometimes
Q:What persomal are u?
A:shy :3
Q:whats its ur favorite fruit?
A:Carrots because i can see well
Q:do u Were classes?
A:Yes but in school and slmetimes wen i GO somewere :3
Q:why do u were a spike?
A:Because im a Fox that i can turn mice wen its sun and My normal wen its moon :3
Q:do you make more accounts?
A:Yes like 7 lol i DONT NOW why but im going to tell there mane i can loging to then decause i forgot the passworld oh Little me
3:Dananaman (NOW passworld)
4:Lucy&Lizzie (NOW passworld)
Q:wen Is going to be your bday
Q:whats its the tipe of food that you love
A:Waffles 4 life :3
Q:Do you play mincraft?
A:Yes ^.^
Q:What ting you use to play mincraft?
A:PZA4 yep i TINK im famouse OR not next one
Q:How do you follow me?
A:EASY SCREAM at me "FOLLOW ME OR ELSE"you said "OMG OKAY BUT WHY YOU NEDDE TO SCREAM!!"i said "decause i say so"you said"k k k"i said -songs sing-"why do this happen to me i made
My mistake why whould this happen to me"lol next
Q:What AnimeMaker are you using "AnimeMaker" #regular OR "animemakerPro" #dest one ever
A:well i had the "AnimeMaker" #regular and you see My anime that Is over a 25 well i made a glish hehe
Q:can you tell me How to make that glish?
A:Ummm okay wen you put a Black white and then you click a lot of coping it wen its said you only can get to 20 just still click wen its close to 25 ^.^ your welcome
Q:What grade are you?
A:4grade :3
Q:How old Is your OC
A:NightMoon Fox Is 15
Q:Do you had pets NOW?
A:omg good Q okay i had 3 puppies ok they are 10 OR 11 moths and we had two Boys and one girl they are drothers and sis the girl one her fur its white a deultilful color her mane Is Cassie i pick that mane decause it was Cute and we had two Boys there fur its Black pf doth of then you ARE tinking How WOULD you NOW ho Is ho?easy one boy its Rex je had a little white straip and the nother boy its Max he has a long straip its white and they are sooooooooooo cute<3
Q:can i had one of the dogs?
A:nuuuuuuuuuuuuu they are still Cute i DONT whant then to GO :<
Q:dos everyone loves dogs?
A:Yes but only one person her mane Is My mom she DONT like dogs but the dogs just like dogs:np im not going to that dig angry mom ill reader to stay whith MoonNight Fox yeah just.....great....
Q:do you love tattletale?
Q:Do you play Tattlttale?
A:no but.....I see people playing it and its cool :D
Q:Do you speak other lenguech?
A:Yes I can speak spanish and english look Ummm let me say "Hi im NightMoonFox and I can show you How to talk in spanish" and NOW spanish "Hola soy NocheLunaZoro i you te puedo señar como adlar español" see I can talk more espanish and inglish but sometimes I cant write Well in inglish so im Sorry :3
Q:ho's your B.f.f?
A:MoonLight :3
Q:How do you guys meet to de b.f.f?
A:uhhhh.., you dont wanna now decause was a lot of Drama ;-; lets GO to then next one okay?
Q:do you had a another b.f.f?
A:Yes but its not b.f.f Is b.a.f and her mane Is Gady but Gady Is not her real mane :)
Q:What do b.a.f means??
A:idn she whanted to call like that so I said "okay??"
K NOW For My friends :3
Okay NOW My sis join her mane Is Carla and My cousen a k a bigger than me join her mane Is Hawaiicat so Yeah ANJOY there animes
This Is My friends This Is Awnsome friends to good friends :3
1 MoonLight Fox
2 Superstar<3forever
3 PrincesGem
4Magical Destiny
6 Goldie freddy
(SunSunnuFox she just quit she was My sister and Carla too so R.I.P accont of Carla and SunSunnyFox)
K IDN if i had more friends but if u whant to de friends whith me ask me :3
Wen i get to ,40,50,60,70,80,90,100 to that munder ill will make more info and a suprice anime :3
okay NOW This Is How old are the charater in My animes lets get starded
NightMoon Fox+Sky=me"15"and Sky Is "12"
Firi=firi Is "5"he Is just a pup :3
Blue=blue Is "14"
Lisa+Hoodiney=Lisa"12 and Hoodiney Is "10"
Gady= shes "15"years old #shes 9 years old like me we are 4 grade
OMG guys you help me gething 30 followers and OMG My coal Is to get 40 followers whitc me Luck but Thx you all your Awnsome stay cool and you had a GREAT DAY to DAY
NOW For Dares :3
I Dare you to GIVE a cokie to your pet
Uhhhh nooooo decause cokies had chocolate and can kill it so yeah :T
I Dare you to SCREAM at your mom to GIVE you tacos :P
Okay Me:MOOoOoOooOoOoMmMmMmMmMmmMmMmMmmM
Me:BBbBuUuUyYyyYyY MmMmMmMEeEeeEE AAA taco:>
Me:Wut did you say?
Mom:i said no.....
Mom:ho dares you?
Me:My followers ;-;
Mom:just say no to den
Me:mmmooooooommmmmm coooooommmmmmeeeeeeeee oooooooooonnnnnnnnn
Mom:Stop Conplaning!?!?
Me:iiiiimmmmmmmmmm nnnnnnnnnoooooooootttttttt cccccccccooooooooooonnnnnnnnpppppppplllllllaaaaannnnnnnniiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggg
Mom:Yes you are and thats rude!?!
Me:soooooooooo........giiiiiiivvveeeeee mmmmmmeeeeee aaaaaaaaa ttttttttttaaaaaaacccccccoooooo pppppppllllllllllzzzzzzzz iiiiiiiimmmmm ddddaaaaaannnnnnnggggggggiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggg yyyyoooooouuuu >.<
Me:Sorry mom.......
Jk that dint happen she say Yes X3
Now For Tattletale ( Part 1 )
Tattletale:Hiiiii iiiimmmm tttaaatttllleeetttallle
Me:your weard......
Tattletale:you talkkkk weeeaarrdd....
Me:ho say you can...ugh nevermind
Tattletale: Feeeeeeddddd meeeeeeeeeee
Me:ok ok if you can like de quiet plz?
-feeds tattletale-
Tattletale:shhhhhh mmmmaaammmaa iiissss waaatcchhhiiiinnng yoouuu
Me:ho's mama and i was tinking i was your mama?
Tattletale:Goooooddd qqquuuueeessstttiiiooonnn nooowww gggiiivvvee mmmmeee aaaaa ttttrrreeeeaaatt
Me:your not helping Tattletale......
-gives treat-
Tattletale:iimmmm sscccaaarrreee ooofffff ddddaaarrrkkkknnnneeesssss!!!!
Me:ok weres the flashlight?
Tattletale:dddooooowwwnnnn iiiinnnnn tttthhhheeee ddddaaaaaassssnnnneeet iiiii ttttiiiinnnnkkk.....
Me:ok lets see there....
Tattletale:noooooooooooo mmmmeeeee ssssssccccaaaaarrrreeee ooooofffff dddddaaaaarrrrrkkkkkknnnnneeeesssssttttt aaaannnnnnnddddd mmmmaaaaammmmmaaa iiiiiisssss tttthhhhheeeerrrreeee
Me:come on....your are making me freak out Tattletale....
Tattletale:ppppllllzzzzz nnnnnnnooooo gggggggoooooo tttttttthhhhhhheeeeerrrreeee
Me:What you gonna do.....kill me.....
Mama:..........wwwweeeerrrrreeeee aaaaarrrreeee yyyoooouuu tttaaaattttllllleeettttaaaaalllleeeee???????
Tattletale:sssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmaaaaaaammmmmaaaaa iiiiiitttttsssss tttttaaaaalllllkkkkiiiiinnnngg
NOW For tattletale ( Part 2 )
Mama:ooohhhhh ttttaaaatttttllllllleeeeeettttaaaallllleeeeee ccccccooooooommmmmmeeee ooooooouuuuuuttt wwwweeeeerrrrreeee eeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvveeeeeeerrrrrrrrr yyyyyyyoooooooouuuuuu aaaaaarrrrrrrrreeeeeee
Me:tattletale Is that mama?
Tattletale:yyyyyeeeeeesssssss......... Aaaaaaaaaannnnnnndddddddd iiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmm ssssssssscccccaaaaaarrrrreeeee ooooooooffffffff mmmmmmaaaaaammmmmaaaaa.............
Me:This Is sooooo weard decaus you and mama talk so very weard.......
Me:OMG What happen!....
Tattletale:mmmmmaaaaaammmmmaaaaaaa iiiiissssss ttttthhhhhheeeeerrrreee aaaannnnnndddd ssssshhhhhheeeee iiiiiiisssssss wwwwwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhiiiiinnnnnggggg uuuuuuuuusssssss!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHhHhHhHHhHhHH
Me:ok so lets GO runing to get the flashlight

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