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Konichiwa! I am Shiny Torchic, but call me Torch for short. Gender: girl. Age: 12 o////O.Emoji of da day: ( •∆•)------------------------------------------ Emoji of tomorrow: (+_+)----------------------------------------------------------------------------My Blade and Soul account: Masazi Silver and Heroka Silver.-------------------I HAVE A DEVENT ART ACCOUNT!!!!! Devent art account: Blade-Koneko.-OCS: Miraki-San, Chau-San, Angel~Kun.----------------------------------------------------Fandoms: Warrior cats, Pokemon, Undertale, Dragon Ball.------------------------Favorite characters: BrightHeart (Warrior cats) Gardevoir (Pokemon) Sans(Undertale) Toriel (Undertale).------------------------------------------------------------Favorite Animals: Friken Cats!!!!! Wolves Dragons ect.------------------------------ Well I can't think of anything else so sayonara! :3 -------------------------------------

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