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Hello! I’m Jackson I’m going to show stuff about me Below ⬇️

Interests: animation, streams (can’t stream right now account won’t work), helping others and learning about people.

Gender: male
I am gay
Art style: I will try to change my art style a lot

I am currently: ⭕️

20 followers= new challenge ✅
30 followers = I draw one of u✅
55!?!?!?!?!???? How!✅
60?!?!?? Just what!?!?✅
65?!?!?!?!?You guys are amazing!!!!!✅
70!!!!!!!!!! Just I’m gonna cry.
75!?!?!!!! I can’t believe how nice y’all are.
80!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe you guys!
85!!!!!!!!!! My dream is coming true!!!!
90!!!!!!!!! Guys just thanks on helping me get to my dreams!!

Goal: 100 followers
2nd goal: 200 followers
3rd goal: 350 followers
4th goal: 500 followers

Main goal: 750 followers

Means online: ✅
Means offline: ⭕️

Your skin isn't paper 📃🚫
Don't cut it ✂️🚫
Your face isn't a mask 🎭🚫
Don't hide it 💄🚫
Your size isn't a book 📚🚫
Don't judge it 🙅🏻‍♀️🚫
Your life isn't trash...🗑️
Don't throw it away.🚮
Your Health is priority...😷
Care for it.🏥
Your attitude matters...😡
Keep it kind.😊
Your love spreads...💓
Make it worth something.
And your life isn't a movie 🎥🚫
Don't. End. It.... 🔫🚫❌🚫
You guys are the....
peanut to my butter 🥜
Water to my ocean 💧🌊
The glaze on my donut 🍩
Twinkle in my eye 👁✨
Blue in the sky 🔵🌌
Cherry to my sundae 🍒🍨
Flip to my flop
Milk to my cookie 🍪🥛
Sweet to my dreams 🍭 🛌
Crisps to my toast🍞
And the half of my heart .

Be be crewmate/imposter

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