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Ayyyyyyyyeeeeee( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(XD) i am oku an anime and manga weirdo who also loves to draw! :3 time for some info about meh that no one will 900000000000% give a single shit about ;3; XD

Age: 12 ;3; (im smol ;-;)
Crush: dark senpai~ ^\\\\^
Name: my name is El-wait! No one reads this right??
Where i live: in the land of anime fandoms ^w-
Fandoms: mr osomatsu, vocaloids, fnaf, undertale,warrior cats :DDD,nisekoi and missions of love~ :3
Oc: oku my main oc but i have shit loads of other background ocs XD lol i need a life XD
What i like: being around dark senpai <3 ^\\^,self harm :3,playing video games, being on meh phone(meh phone is meh life XD), bagles, friends :D, reading manga, sleeping, watching anime, and drawing :3
What i dislike: homework, school, my sister, chores, and bullies >:T
I wear glasses
Ihave an older brother and a little sister (i am middle child kill meh plz ;-;)
I love potatos,bagels, and sweaters :3
I play Pokémon go too much ;-; (long story i once got lost for a whole day XD XD XD)
I am traumatized by getting spammed with armys of lenny faces by liz and my sister ;-;
I love playing the guitar :DDDD
I have no life whatsoever :D!!!

-yandere warning- steal hurt or bully dark and you will never ever be happy again i will find you and tear your limbs apart limb from limb and hide you where nobody can EVER find you!!! So dont fucking mess with him!!

-ahem- uhh srry ....-.-;

Byeeeeeee~ :DDD

I luv you dark! ^\\\\^

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