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Hello, goodbye.
I was gonna for like a year without telling you guys, I’m sorry for that. Maybe, I should say sorry to everything and everyone in this app. It has been changed so much, good job Kenmaz.

I’m so sorry for leaving you guys like that... i said i was going to russia but somethings’ vent wrong. I don’t really wanna tell every cramp that happened to me.

First off all I want to do a face reveal before completely leaving everything, yes I’m leaving everything behind to start my life over. I lied to you guys, it’s like 3 years ago that i live in USA. Yeah... sorry for that, i was too scared to tell my real birth place. My real birth place is not Tokyo or any big cities in Japan. It’s a small city (or a town) named Tamura. It’s not big and I’m usually get embarrassed to tell foreigners. Although it’s a Coronavirus outbreak, my family is doing great.

My art hasn’t been improved such as my English. And i wanna leave a note to special people here.

To Marco: I’m sorry for everything that I made since I started this app. I feel guilty about everything, yes EVERYTHING. You’re still dearest to me and I understand how much you hate me. I was a pain in your mental health... I hope you the best.

To Zigo: hey my buddy. How’s life? Yeah, I know you’ve completely forgot me but it’s okay, i was a bull crap anyway. I still remember we used to talk a little Russian. I completely forgot everything that I’ve learned. Also your art became really beautiful good job! Keep it up bro.

To Tato: I’m sorry for responding and completely forgetting some of your comments. I was a fool, you used to gave me so much comfort and happiness. Now I understand you’re the only one who pulled my ass from boredom. You’re the queen.

I want to say something to my friends that left earlier than me. Hope you guys are doing great.

I just wanted to thank you all for support, sorry for leaving everything behind...

Starting a new journey, i will try hard to get the best things in my life, if I don’t make it probably will kill myself waiting for my next life. If it’s too risky I’ll just move to another place where i can start all over again.


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