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📌13+ Account, kiddos📌.

📂Info about me:📂
GENDER: Non-binary
NICKNAME: Gray/Grayson
SEXUALITY: Pansexual

Basically, you know nothing about me other than I’m pan and I don’t identify myself as any gender. I’m new to the My Hero Academia fandom, but am familiar with Beastars, FNAF, BATIM, ROBLOX, and Minecraft. I’m also an Ex- Steven Universe fan, because I think that SU Future didn’t really deliver well. I don’t upload a lot, because my stuff is shi- I mean, because I’ve got a lot of schoolwork, heh. I’m also a night owl, so, don’t expect much art or animations from me.


My AU: 🔳AteloPhobia🔲
❗️All characters in AteloPhobia are gender neutral and use they/them pronouns❗️

-📄Info Dump📄-
📌( I might change things once in a while )📌
AteloPhobia first takes place in the boarding school called Gardener House. It focuses on the protagonist Hover Arc, who is 17 and spent 7 years there

-🌹Gardener House🌹-
The school hand-picks the top students around the world and requires them to spend 10 years at Gardener isolated from society to focus on their studies. Each year is named after a type of flower. By their 5th year, students can major in one or more classes.

-🌹Gardener Years🌹-
(Yes I know the emojis don’t match the flowers I’m just working with what I got)

1st years - Chrysanthemums 💐
2nd years - Daises 🌼
3rd years - Pansies 🌸
4th years - Petunias 🌺
5th years - Sunflowers 🌻
6th years - Tulips 🌷
7th years - Lavender 🌾
8th years - Carnations 🌺
9th years - Lilies 🌸
10th years - Roses 🌹

Hover majors in Beastology, but lost their passion for it over the years. One night Hover was pulling an all-nighter study session and caught a Kindered Wolf, Ivy, who broke into the boarding house. Kindereds are humans who posses animal-like traits and abilities, with attributes varying from person to person. They were slaves for thousands of years, until about four years ago when they were released and replaced by drones.

Ivy was stealing artifacts from the museum section, and Hover tries to stop them. However, Ivy convinces Hover to follow them and leave the school. They manage to sneak out without being caught by drones and head to Inferious.

Inferious is an underground steampunk city ran by Kindereds. The place was originally a bunker for escapees and rebels, but grew significantly over the past four years. Each occupation is usually organized by type of animal, (for example, moles for digging tunnels and mining, birds for delivery service). They basically run their own society and do their own thing. However, some residents want to overthrow the Three Houses entirely, while others want to maintain peace. This is a rather split decision among the city, and their biggest problem in their society.

-🏛The Three Houses🏛-
In the AteloPhobia universe, the government is run by three branches of families that have been running for thousands of years. The oldest is the the Purity House, second oldest is the Garderner House, and the youngest is the Victorian House.

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