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Hello!! My name is Xyeke and this is my bio!

I'm a teenager, Scorpio, Male, I love horror and video games, have a girlfriend and a lot of pets


My ocs:

Ag: Demon, Male, 286
Happy Teen: Human, Male, 17 (dating ex)
E.X: Human, Female, 17 (dating happy teen)
Xyekeette: Clone, Female, My age
Blob: Unknown, Unkown, 6
Georgie: Human-Demon hybrid, Female, 18

A long list of fun facts about me:
My fave color is orange 🧡 My fave movie is Hellraiser, I like necklaces, I'm from the USA 🇺🇲, I love Italian food 🍝, I have 4 sisters, I get up at 7:30am

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