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⚠️❌ ATTENTION!!! This is a 14+ account ❌⚠️

Nationality: Mexican-American 🇲🇽🇺🇸
Sexuality: bisexual
Favorite animes: ❄️🔥My hero Academia💥, 🧠Saiki K🤓, Dragon Maid🐲, Babysitting Club
Fandoms I know of: South Park, bendy and Boris the quest for the ink machine, PJs daycare, casino cups

Also I'm the owner of Terrence, the demon under my bed.

- 214 years old in earth years/ 21 originally
- birthday: January 26
- Bisexual
- Is taken by Jordan (peaceandwar's oc)
- Angry boi :)
- Power: Hell /pyrokenisis

Hunter 🐶
-breed: Corolina dog
-6 yrs old
- B-day: April 23
- owner: Terrence

- gender: male
- age: 21
- sexuality: Straight
- Birthday: November 15
- He sings good
-no power ❌ just a spell book that affects only demons

- gender: male
- age: 23
- sexuality: unlabeled
- Birthday: February 9
- He may act nice but he's full of surprises/tricks
- Power: Hypnotic smoke

(Shared OC’s)
Caine / Terrence's and Jordan's son
-Birthday: October 7th
-Age: 3
-Bebe Demon

Nelle / also Terrence and Jordan’s kid (adopted)
-gender: male/female (trans)
-age: 13
-birthday: June 8th

Missy (Nugget and Glitch’s kid)
-gender: female
-age: 2
-birthday: March 13

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