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Hi my name is Saoirse and I do these animations about my favourite people, my OCs and my favourite video game characters.
Q:what's your favourite colour?
Q:what's your favourite foods
A:Spaghetti, Pizza, Lasagna, Chicken, Bacon, Turkey and Apples
Q:What's your favourite song?
A:Fights song
There's what's you need to know

There are many characters so when you see one just go with it,Do NOT try to memorise them, trust me you'll never do it

Alternate universes and their meaning

Halloween AU(everyone is a Halloween monster)
Region AU(everyone is a holy or a anti-holy figure)
Super AU(everyone is either a superhero or supervillian)
Swap AU(everyone is swapped roles)
Evil AU(all the good characters are evil and all the evil characters are good)
Evil-Super AU(all superheroes are supervillians and the supervillians are superheroes)
Swap-Super AU(all supers have swapped roles)
Evil-Region(all holys are anti holys and anti-holys are holys
5-years younger(the title speaks for itself)

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