Niley(kinda garbage but popular)

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If u want to know what's my profile pic it's old work I
did. okay it looks horrible.
And I just changed my name sorry its Niles. and one
of my bffs are nothing else yet and jayfoox and
THATS NOT ALL I'm addicted to lemonade AND orange juice 打打打打打打打
my skill level of mine is probably 10
my status: a failure to the world and a mistake to all
Also Memory's age is 10000000000 in years but he is in demon years 21
skill:overrated for ME
10 yes
20 yes
30 yes
40 yes
50 yes
60 yes
70 yes
80 yes
90 yes
100 yes
And idk what to put here sooooooooo
Here in this app u will see me:
Online yes
Drawing no
Offline no
Working on something no

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