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Heyo. I guess you can call me Yuno or just Ko which ever one works I guess..Eh- I’m just a dude that lives in a adoption center..and I also online I’ve been here before not trying to be a different person just a new art style.
Profile by 『Ixu Lupin』they’re amazing to follow them!
Name~ Yuno (not irl)
Sexuality~ Gay
Gender~ Male
Height~ 3’0 (Hah- irl too)
Lover~ ❌P O W D E R❌ ^w^
Dislikes~ Bully’s, cancer, abuse, rape
Likes~ Roleplaying, friends, drawing, studying, Invader Zim

“I feel bad for cheater. Because they lost the most wonderful person and can never get them back” -YunoKo


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