Excalibur Sonic

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Gamers rise up
Wear face masks
My friend irl are DEATHLORD143 and TOADY143
I like to watch:
Jojo's bizarre adventure
Steven universe
Bloons TD 6
Animations (duh)
Im a
Im a h
Im a he
Im a hed
Im a hedg
Im a hedge
Im a hedgeho
Im a hedgehog
Im a hedgeho
Im a hedgeh
Im a hedge
Im a hed
Im a he
Im a h
Im a

Name: excalibur sonic
Age: 25
Crush (everybody is doing it): A pink hedgehog
Height: 6" 2

Name: Unleashed Excalibur Sonic
Age: 250
Crush: none
Height: 7" 11
Powers (cuz why not): Earthquakes and control over someone

5 followers: Suggestions✅
10 followers: The epic fight part 2 (cancelled) ✅
20 followers : Dares (only 10 though)✅
25 followers: Draw profiles✅
30 followers: Face reveal (Oc)✅
35 followers: Q&A
40 followers: Making a good drawing
50 followers: First 350 frame animation (no suggestion b***h)
55 followers: Epic fight 1 remake (when I get better)
60 followers: Stickman tournament
70 followers: Q&A 2
85 followers: Draw my life
95 followers: Face reveal (me)

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