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Pfp is Markus

I’m very kind and stuff, but when someone’s rude. I’ll be a bit- upset. But when you cyber bully/be crude. I will NOT tolerate that. Just- be nice. Annnnyways, this is my name on discord with my numbers so you can actually find me: pechofcute#3957. There ya go. See you there or here. Imma go in kind mode now. (Although I’m usually in kind mode)
Thanks for giving me 59 followers! (Wtf)
Name: bish I’m not telling you
Fav. Song: Mamas gun or Pork Soda
Age: 12 (almost 13)
Zodiac: Scorpio
Japanese zodiac: the boar :,)
I like to: draw, play animal crossing on my phone, play online crap with my friends, and just- sleep.
I hate: being talked to like a child, not being treated right, people who hurt others for fun.

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