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I'm very conviced bloodygirl did nothing wrong, idk tell me on what she did wrong

This account is 2 years old.

I changed it the WB.

Redball really thinks he is superior to everyone, He really things that he can change things, Wowee he is indeed a narcissist

Everyone belives that the day you are born affects your personality is the most abusrd fact.

I got beat up at school because I disagree with the Philippine Government 🧐

Leader of the 😎🔫 Group
Just ask me if you want to join ig.

DNI if you belive in more than 2 genders.

Slowly converting into Christianity
There are 2 genders, Male and Female

I hate furries, But I accept them as apart of this collapsing society is rather collapse with it than without them or other types of people which I dislike.

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