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my name is nicholas and iโ€™m 18 and a male
goof ass boy
I absolutely love incredibox delta heavy and your favorite martian, The amazing digital circus, powerpuff girls PLUS Splatoon

iโ€™m probably gay lmfao

friends you should never mess with are lemonytoons shiro opie MUNCH, chipYT,
cakey/zigo, kylin, ages, donut hoolie, wilong, Sharon, Creams, Brooke, Brian. Zoumen, grunge man, yoyousif and maru ( donut hoolie, Wilong, ages, Sharon Brooke, Brian. Zoumen, grunge man, maru and yoyousif and creams donโ€™t use this app)

Smeechyy made an nft of me
(He doesnโ€™t use this app)
mess with me or my friends you get a death threat

subscribe to mark peyton on yt he is cool
discord: nickynickel#8383
i fucking love deejay from yfm,, i think i have a crush on him.. but some incredimen hit different tho

๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™ <3

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