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Hello there my little bees I'm just here to give you umm.....

(Insert random letter)

Let's get started with the Q n A

what's your name: MaKayla


Friends:nune ;;;


Type: Hispanic

Any siblings: I have three plus me is four

Do you love your brother: no....

Who is your favourite: my sisters :3

Do you always cry for a dumb reason: I cry for a good reason

Do you love school: kinda

Birthday: March 8

Are you fake?: NEXT QUESTION

who are your friends: again with this question..ugh

I meant irl: ohh...anize,Gabby,me,and my teacher

What's your teachers name: Mrs.milford

Can you draw me: yes

Can I draw you: of course

Do you love talking: no...I'm shy

Do you love your name: I guess


favorite animal: BUNNIEIIIEKSIS

How many more questions are left on the list?: just one more

Crush: tat...tato

Okay there was the QnA


Minecraft: sweetyummyfox

Amino: manglethe...........

That's all for today °-°

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