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About meh:
Gender: female
Occupation: bi, taken by €-ramen noodles-€_
Likes: drawing, dancing (not in public), and roleplaying, creepy stuff
Dislikes: bully’s, homophob’s, racism, girly stuff, pink

About Lily:
age: 19
Gender: female
Occupation: lesbian, taken
Species: demon
Likes: hanging out with Robyn, ice cream, cookies, rock and roll, creepy shit
Dislikes: girly stuff, pink, cute things

About Robyn:
age: 14
Gender: male
Occupation: gay, taken
Species: alien
Likes: hanging out with Lily, ice cream, cute stuff, pop music
Dislikes: homophobic, milk, cherries, pollen

About JJ:
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Occupation: bisexual, taken
Species: vampire
Likes: hanging out with Robyn and Lily, blood (obviously), creepy shit -_-, Heavy metal
Dislikes: homophobia, cute stuff, pink, wooden stakes

age: 18
Gender: Male
Occupation: bisexual, ....
Species: Vampire
Likes: to hang out with his sister,JJ, Robyn, and Lily, blood, creepy shit, Country music
Dislikes: Homophobia, racism, cute stuff, pink, wooden stakes

age: 15
Gender: Female
Occupation: pansexual, taken
Species: askman (a Askabana human)
Likes: to do magic, cute things, flowers, the moon
Dislikes: racism, sexism, homophobia, creepy stuff

age: 17
Gender: No
Occupation: Asexual, Single le Pringle uwu
Species: Hallucination expert
Like: doggos, Hallucinating people, Depressing music, and gold watches (you know why -w-)
Dislikes: kittens, racism, sexism, homophobia, and candy

age: 17
Gender: male
Occupation: gay, single
Species: hybrid
Likes: kittens, rock and roll, killing things
Dislikes: ..... idk....

Age: 19
Gender: Female
Occupation: Pansexual, single
Species: Elf
Likes: hanging out with her friends, Juggling, clowns, Flowers, killing people
Dislikes: Bully’s, racism, sexism, homophobia

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