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。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ Welcome to my bio 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

Stay at home~ (๑・̑◡・̑๑) 🌺

I’m taking care of 366 children ‼️

⚠️ U h 13+ content or something idk ⚠️
•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•★•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌• •◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•★•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌• •◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•★•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•
Rad !!

Meet the artist!
Name: Riley‼️
Birthday: 05/01
Pronouns: She/They
Nationality: Mexico !! 🇲🇽
Favorite colors: Pink, blue, green and black
Favorite animal: Dogs & frogs
Likes: Animals, video games, equality, love, and all of YOU ☆〜(ゝ。∂)💕
Dislikes: Inequality, abuse in general, etc.
Favorite video games: Splatoon, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Undertale, FNAF, etc.
Personality: I’m very chill and kind of smart, but a crackhead. I’m very pacific, I like to resolve problems verbally. I’m not that of an aggressive person, but if I am it means I’m not in a great mood. I worry a lot when it’s about health of other people, more if it’s people that I love. I’m kind of shy when it’s about speaking in public or asking something to a grown-up person (kind of like social anxiety.)
I’m Pansexual, Demisexual, and a Demi-girl !! 💖💛💙 🖤🤍💜 🖤🤍💖
I can be your AM mother if you want to 👉👈💕

•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•★•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌• •◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•★•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌• •◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•★•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•

Discord ID: Riley The Rad#1049

•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•★•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌• •◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•★•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌• •◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•★•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•

Your skin isn't paper 📃🚫
Don't cut it ✂️🚫
Your face isn't a mask 🎭🚫
Don't hide it 💄🚫
Your size isn't a book 📚🚫
Don't judge it 🙅🏻‍♀️🚫
Your life isn't a movie 🎥🚫
Don't. End. It.... 🔫🚫❌🚫
You guys are the....
peanut to my butter 🥜
Water to my ocean 💧🌊
Glaze on my donut 🍩
Twinkle in my eye 👁✨
Blue in the sky 🔵🌌
Cherry to my sundae 🍒🍨
Flip to my flop polf ym ot pilf
Milk to my cookie 🍪🥛
Sweet to my dreams 🍭 🛌
And the half of my heart 💔
Repost this if you love
your followers. 💗

•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•★•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌• •◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•★•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌• •◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•★•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•

You’re divine no matter what, sis. I’ll still be proud of you. 😌💅🏻
Feel proud of who you are 🏳️‍🌈
BLM ✊🏿 ✊🏾 ✊🏽

•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•★•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌• •◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•★•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌• •◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•★•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•

Present Mic (MHA)
Mugmam (Cuphead)
Pump (Sr. Pelo)
Midoriya (MHA)
Kirishima (MHA)
Hinata Shoyo (Haikyuu !!)
Gon (HxH)
Denki Kaminari (MHA)
Shuichi (Danganrompa)
Mirio (MHA)
Tamaki (MHA)
Koda (MHA)
Papyrus (Undertale)
Toriel (Undertale)
Tanaka (Haikyuu !!)
Boyfriend/Keith (Friday Night Funkin’!)
Tanjiro Kamado (Kimetsu no Yaiba)
Mitsuri Kanroji (Kimetsu no Yaiba)
Muichiro Tokito (Kimetsu no Yaiba)
Zenitsu Agatsuma (Kimetsu no Yaiba)
Scout (TF2)
Skittles (Tankmen)
Steve (Tankmen)
Wasabi (Big Hero 6)
BayMax (Big Hero 6)
Chuck (Angry Birds)
Moxxie (Helluva Boss)
Knuckles (Sonic 2)
Sonic (Sonic: The Movie)
Shinji Ikari (Evangelion)


•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•★•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌• •◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•★•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌• •◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•★•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•

Close friends:

•✟𝙱𝚞𝚐✟• [they/them] (Young sibling)
♡︎Crabs Are Cute♡︎
Mariavaz09_uwu (irl cousin)
𝑷𝒐𝒑𝒐~♡ (pansties ‼️)
~Billy chan~🥀#🤡ClownGang member🤡
And all of you, rad children !!

•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•★•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌• •◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•★•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌• •◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•★•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•◌•

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