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DISCLAIMER: a majority of my posts at the moment were made when I was young, so brace yourself for the degeneracy

Hey, I’m a teen now. Yeah, when I made this account, I was definitely too young to be on the internet. Whether that has taken a toll on me or not is debatable (actually, it’s a unanimous yes,) but I’m back. And I’m ready to strike!

I wrote this next sh*t 3 years ago
(This profile is targeted to 12+)
(Frequent cursing)
Joined like 6 months ago lmfao

(put an X when completed)
(X) 30 followers: profile pic challenge (event undone)
(X) 45 followers: try redrawing yours or other users’ drawings (event undone)
(X) 50 followers: draw YOUR oc in anime/chibi/realism style! (event undone)
(X) 75 followers: I WILL DRAW WHATEVER YOU WANT FOR 3 DAYS (might not finish in time) (event undone)
100 followers: Love ya followers xoxo
150 followers: Requests
200 followers: Q&A, Requests, and more stuffjeiemwkwj
500 followers: Pick a spot

I’ll try not to be cringe

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