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  ( ・∀・)
 ⊂ ⊂ )
   ( ( ( 

  ( ・∀・)
   ( U つ
   ) ) )
( ・∀・)
⊂_へ つ
彡 (_)

(っ /
For that
⊂(・_・ )
 ヽ ⊂二/

/        \
|  ●    ● |
\  ______________
( - _ -)
/>🍪But just one ok?

Hi guys I'm anonymous studios (old username was anime boss but I changed it)
Gender: Male
Where am I from: earth
Favourite film: the alien franchise
Favourite food: chicken curry

I draw skits, funny situations and just plain jokes

You guys are the cheese to my pizza🍕

Ok, for all you guys who dont have a clue about the alien franchise well......its the best series ever consisting of 8 films and starring sigourney weaver as ellen ripley, the only person in the galaxy to live for 300 years fighting with the alien life form ( the xenomorph)

Follow me on roblox! Xenomorph_alien1234!!

I collect many alien figures including the queen wich is my profile picture.

Plz do my challenges and follow me.

I love spiders :)🕷🕸 what dont judge me arachnaphobes!

Hope for tsbk!

Join the ACA go to minermasters profile and look for an anime of his oc with a grenade! Comment your user name and you will automatically be signed up! Remember when your troubled by cyber bullets always turn to the ACA, believe in the ACA!!!!!!!

My oc's:
Mr oof
Cause of death:lack of support

Big head
Status:unknown possibly deceased
Explanation: crashed on a desert island and didnt appear in another anime
Age: 1834 (in space years)(13 in human years)
Explanation:after being caught by human authorities for mass murder she went back to her home planer were she was greeted as a hero for killing most of the human targets on earth
Red hoodie guy
Explanation:retired from animemaker
Blue hoodie guy with green boots
Explanation:retired from animemaker to be with his brother red hoodie guy
Explanation:works for the UK government as a government virologist
Main oc: alexander
Why: because he is most popular

Anonymous studios motto: respice ad futurum, iungere anonymous studiosi
Translation: look to the future, join anonymous studios

That's it peeps! Enjoy!!!😁😁

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