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Who's watching???????? Just saying on my account I will have blood gore and alcohol themes so if u don't like don't view. Ok Q&A. Name: Ice Claw. Likes: food,furrys, cats,dogs,chocolate,and u guys. Dislikes: cows,duck haters, ppl who hate my friends. Friends: ouk, red, mangle the one,and all the little voices in my head. Favorite song: stamp on the ground nightcore. Favorite colors: purple, Crimson( blood red), any shade of blue.Fav YouTubers: stampy, markaplier,Dantdm. Just to name a few. Favorite games: minecraft, Fran bow,fnaf, bendy and the ink Machine. Welp- the worst thing fears:bugs, slipping in the shower( it is so painful feels like I broke my arm just sprained my rist). -----------------------------------story time- I'm to lazy to do this. Boi

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