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(warning! Strong language, not that often)
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I'm so retarded back then bruh🗿

I Like:
I Like Minecraft so much.
I Like Python so much.
I Like Hotdog so much.
I Like Mark-up Language HTML so much.
I Like BFB Four's Boogers so much with my profile picture ;) Lovely 🥰 what the fuck did I just wrote back then

Oh hell nah this site removed HTML.. BRING IT BACK!!!
I'm not dead I'm alive and i don't wanna upload weird looking ugly videos.

(Ignore this lmao☠️)
Who uses Windows 7 after 2020?
Windows 11~{
Release Date: July 29, 2020
Developer: Microsoft
Operating System: Windows
Size: 20 GB
Storage: 5 TB
Written for: Java, C++
Ended Support:

I follow back!
I'll never remove any of my old BIO lol 🗿💀😬
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10 Followers: Done
20 Followers: Done August 22, 2023
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40 Followers: I guess

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