I’m not human(Member of the sad boi nation)

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Name: Koji (My fursona’s name)
Age: why do you care

Leader of the AAFF, join me...
Member of the Cat Group 😼
Member of the Sad Boi Nation

I’ve been on AnimeMaker since July 4th 2020

Number of contests won: 6

Questions I have-
Why Do we exist?
Is God real?
What does Lady Gaga look like without makeup on?
Why does the meat and lettuce always yet out of the back of the sandwich every time I try and eat one? 🥪

My pets-
I have a g pig who is absolutely adorable (Buddy)
I have a German Shepard who is totally bad ass (Sheelagh)

People I hate-
more than the stars, I am aware there’s more stars than humans...

Did you know that fish sometimes eat their own children?

(Child fish )Hey mom who are we having for dinner?

(Mom fish ) We’re having Tony

I’m an Aquarius ♒️ and instead of having an animal like other zodiac signs I have a stupid fat man pouring water

I thought I should also mention after too much drawing I get kind of lazy and my animations look like trash

Ok now don’t read this part, I said to not read it! What were you expecting my secrets! Why you still reading!

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