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I am Geek_drawing, welcome to my page👋🏻📄

I'm 16 years old💁‍♀, I'm a girl👩, and I really like to draw🖌.

I'm a nerd📚🤓
And a Geek (if you didn't realize)💕
I'm using my fingers to draw!!!✋

Im in the Huffelpuff house💛
I really like to read Harry Potter🧙‍♂️, Marvel🦸‍♀️, end alot more stuff🧟‍♂️(ask...)🙃

My favorite movie is "fantastic beast and where to find them"🌱🐾
And I have a dog🐕

Im not the best at English🤫

Thank you for watching my Animes!😻

I really like my followers, their are very nice and they have an amazing drawings✏️, Ty!☺

My goal right now is to get to 300 followers😎
Thanks to those who help me fulfill my other goals in the past❤

If I will have... I will do...🍒
-10/20 followers- drawing Trophies🏆✔️
-35 followers- Spical contest...🌵✔️
-50 followers- drawing what my followers want🗣✔️
-100 followers- my story (1-100)📚✔️
-150 followers- Rate me!🔢✔️
-175 followers- Find the difference🕵‍♀🕵‍♂✔️
-200 followers- nice message!🌠✔️
-250 followers- draw with time limit (you'll understand)⏳✔️
-300 followers- guess the Super hero by it's simbol🦸‍♀💥
-400 followers- would you rather+ contests🤔
-500 followers- tell and draw a little something about me+ Q and A💁‍♀️
-700 followers- recreate my first animation!🎨🖌
*1000 followers- an amazing tresure hant💸 (i cant wait for this😉)
-1250 followers- pick a spot🗯
-1500+ followers- you will see...🤐

Almost all of does are original ideas!💡
And almost all of my drawings are original ideas!🔔
Pls dont do not copy them without asking 🙏, giving a little credit and telling me in the comments because i lovveeeeee seeing your drawings💜

The Namber of my Followers:

On ✔️

I Downloaded this app on 17/7/20🔧
My birthday is on 02/11...🥳🥳🥳

thank you for reading this.. i hope you enjoy!😋

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