Stitches animates (leader of the stitchmouth crew)🙃

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Hello I like To draw on anime maker
Anyone who watches my anime’s plz follow
Weird Level: 10/10
Real name:Fender
My anime sibling: Zeke
Shouting out GuyMakesComics He’s awesOME 🤩
Also shout out to MinerMaster he Is PreTTy good.
I like to write books and comics and I think I might start selling my comics

$ $

And I think I’m pretty good and drawing.
But not as good as y’all!

Species: human
My goals
10 followers ( complete)
20 followers (complete)
30 followers (complete)
40 followers ( complete)
50 followers ( complete 🥶)
Crush: I’m not telling
I am the leader of the cheez bowl collaboration

Zeke my animator sibling:
Species: human
Weird level: 8/10
Crush: Not telling
Make sure to check out Zeke on anime maker
Plz follow
I love to draw
And I like pizza and ice cream and burgers
And I like to eat cheez

Social media : I have none
I have 3 YouTube channels :
Zeke and fenders exploding heads
Songbird mama
I play among us and roblox and Minecraft
And makers empire I ply Xbox plz follow me
You guys are awesome!
I like to read and play on Xbox and I like to

My brothers goals

5 followers complete
10 followers complete

My favorite anime


My favorite movie

Pants on fire

My favorite show

Stranger things

My favorite book
Diary of a wimpy kid

My favorite snack

Weird things that I do:

What's my favorite songs

Lucid dreams by Juice wrld
Come and go by Juice wrld
Righteous by Juice wrld

My favorite season:

My best realistic drawing:
An eye 👁

Sooo yeah... bYE
Ok so I decided to continue

So a little update I started AnimeMaker when I was 7 and I thank you guys for all of the support

My favorite artists
Dan bull
Juice wrld

Also every week I update my profile and my goals
Plz make sure to follow

I’ll never skateboard

Age I learned to ride my bike 3-4
One time I fell on my bike and then I was too scared to get back on my bike until I was 8 years old LoL

Members of the cheez bowl collaboration

And no one else :(

I know how to scooter and I know how to bike
I play Pokémon cards

What I did for talents shows
I forgot

1st grade:
Michal Jackson dance and song it was pretty embarrassing

All of the classes that I’ve took
Comedy class

Puppet class

Dance class

Where I live: private

Who are my parents :private
So bYe
Ok I have to continue
So my birthday is august 17th
My sex: male
My workers: IM ONLY 15 ok?
My hobbies: Drawing, reading And animating
I did not lie people i am seriously 15 😒
My favorite artists: Pablo Picasso DeVinci
My pet peeves: Don’t really have any exept for when I find really expensive things but then they are not in good condition.
My pets: Macy, Lilly and I used to have a dog named buddy but then we had to get rid of him.
So that is my profile
I will update next week

I collect Pokémon cards and I love Pokémon

Also I like to sell stuff,
Anyway here’s a list of many foods listed all the way to my 9th favorite

3: sushi
4:Chicken nuggies
5:Ice cream
7:Gram crackers

I’ve started watching this fortnite
YouTuber named tiko

My hair color: Natural dark brown

My eyes: blue

So yeah see you guys next week. Or actually atleast when I update my profile

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