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Plasmon (the co leader of the metal squad)

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What’s up, I’m Plasmon.
Real name: umm... no
Sexuality: The and orange 🍊 are the best
Talents: blowing stuff up
Favorite song: Same as Gizmo, my singing monsters soundtrack.
oh crap... if you play these songs I will um.. pass out?
Among us character: i forgot
Age: 21
Creature type: robot
Gender: I’m a... wait, robots don’t have genders!
Likes: yooooooou!
Dislikes: haters
Story of me: bruh, crap happened
WARNING: you may not enter this area unless your my follower. (Your not supposed to follow that rule. ;-;)
If __ then you are __.
OWO: someone I followed
Wazzup: a ghost

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