Um... potato

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Hey there 👋
I don't post very often cuz I've got work and school to deal with-
But ill try to keep posting as much as I can.

I'm not too good at anime but I can do realism 😊

Dont have an oc probably never will but ill try to make one someday
Here's some stuff about me.

Name: Tyler
Age: 14
Sexuality: straight
Mental state: better than it used to be
I'm taken.
Gender: male
Girlfriend: Breanna
Hobbies: drawing, guitar, basketball, soccer, baseball, football, making things, decorating, music in general lol
Personality: annoying

Um... sometimes I start yelling at random... so... be prepared for that lol-
I get excited over nothing alot :)

So yeah hope yall enjoy my art. If u do plz follow

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