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👋 hi you guys here are few things about me...
Nickname:pictus (my sister calls me that)
Favorite 📺 tv show:amazing world of Gumball
Favorite anime:Demon slayer
Favorite pet: dog 🐕
Favorite animal:Wolf
Favorite football team:patriots
Edit:1st reason I haven’t been updating so much is because I barely have the motivation to draw anymore it used to be so much fun drawing and I’d do it about every day but now I’m just here…..doing nothing it’s not boring it’s just some of the things I work on I criticize and somethings I still just haven’t posted yet like happy Halloween update or the thanksgiving one but I will post the Christmas update
2nd:school.Even tho school isn’t that hard it’s still stressing me out because I have to get my grades up to A’s or I’m done for “<<, rn I have mostly B’s and I have 2 C’s but it’s still not that good of a grade and I don’t do my homework so I wasn’t expecting much anyways.It was even generous of math teacher to give me a C even though I never study and I never do the homework “<<.
3rd:It’s just I need to focus on myself rn and get my life together like fixing my sleep schedule ,or starting to do my homework,or cleaning my room ,etc.

I know this is really long and I know some people aren’t gonna read it maybe even nobody but O just wanted to let you know what’s going on.thank you for listening^^.

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