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(Online) Name: tweil/purp
kos was here😈😈
Nickname: The So-Called Artist

kos - πŸ–‡οΈ || tweil - ⚑ (if they come back ig)
I do curse! At random.

Heya, people of AnimeMaker.

I love to draw/animate, play video games, and occasionally write short stories.

I'm also a minor, so do not send me any inappropriate comments that are towards me. (Or anyone, for that matter!)

People who fake physical and/or mental disabilities, are homo/transphobic, and are racist can completely screw off. >:|

Please don't ship me with anyone that isn't a fictional character, as I am currently in a happy and stable relationship πŸ’•

also Eyeless Jack and Xiao are decent characters
I'm not a simp for them that much anymore
I lied about that
Also I think I simp for a fucking cookie.. kill me. /hj

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