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Hello, I’m AnimeDoge (bluetakifurry) (Blue Taki), I’ve been on this app for 4-5 years now
I will draw silly goofy things, and scary things.
I am mostly a kid friendly channel and would love to support anybody.
I will occasionally do stories that you can participate in if you would like.
Maybe a white board from time to time, but please be kind to me and one another, do not harass grief or anything of the sort (he never makes wbs dont listen to him)(yes I do >:[ )
But overall I hope all of you enjoy seeing my journey throughout this app, I love you and have a good day.
I’ve been told I fluster easy??? 🤨 (you do 🤭)
I support lgbtq+ but I’m not a part of it for all of you wondering. (hes just very fruity)
Bruh, PG keep it clean 9ō_ō9

the really good and awesome pfp is by meeve/batshit animedoge loves it so much he has no words for it like he's crying over it rn 🥹 its a better feeling than getting all the meeve body pillows and beautiful merch 🙀😘
meeve said that you should follow her and like all her posts and be her simp because she is the best
also if you didnt know i polished up his bio and pfp and name and made it so so much better like he’s living the life rn 😍😍 so lucky to have me on your account
and animedoge looks like a blue cheeto puff 😘😘 (200% not meeve)

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