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Hello!It's me Demon Grey!
I will take over this account for a little bit.

My loving senpoo is Pheonix(Please notice me senpai)
My children are Lightning,Bell,Andy & Sarah
My wife is Pheonix
My moms are Melissa and Bone crusher

I'm the king of hell
My helper is Dart/Mangle

I need my followers back ;w;

I know Pheonix thought I left

Bone crusher don't be sad
you found your son again!

Normal me:MLG,clumsy(sometimes),memes,UNDERTALE,dat boi,loves normal Pheonix

FNaF me:Sneaky,funny,clumsy,loves pizza,love FNAF Pheonix

UNDERTALE me:Lazy,pun master,loves spaghetti,loves flowers,loves UT Pheonix

Pusheen me:Fast,ship-a-tron,punny,smol,loves Pusheen Pheonix

Evil me:Flirty,bad@$$,cusses,loves E.Pheonix

Gender swap me:Funny,calm,sometimes crazy,lol,loves GS Pheonix

Goat me:dat boi ,memes,all A+s,Hot milk memes,loves flowers,loves Goat Pheonix

Demon me:Karma,Hot milk,memes,besties with Sadao,mischievous,Loves Demon Pheonix

Bill cipher me:Posin' meme(with Pheonix as Mabel),kinda evil(not when around Pheonix),Flirty,punny,loves GF Pheonix

I speak different languages:
Hallo ek Gray die vampier bok, welkom om my rekening
Përshëndetje Unë jam Gray vampir dhi, to mirëpritur no llogarinë time
šelami inē, vamipayeri fiyeli girēyi nenyi bedehina weed ye'inē meleya āk'ebabeli
marhabaan 'ana rmady masas dama' , marhabaan bikum fi hsaby
Barev, yes yem mokhraguyn vampir aytsi, voghjunum e im hashvin

That's all the languages I can do for now XD

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