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Hello! Im a young artist that will do drawings for people (if you ask NICELY pls) and yea i love art and another things
Pride: pan

Loves: strawberries (and cheesecake),making friends (well trying to)
Birthday:April 24
Hates: anything that makes me piss off =/
I have some ocs i will be drawing but that is going to take me a while
I will design clothes for people,oc and others but i will like to know a couple of things
1. Favorite colors (i need two or three so know what im working with)
2. The style of clothing as well as art styles i need to know of the clothing you want

(I get real nervousand feel bad and start Mumbling random)

(Note this person will edit profile alot!)

so yeah i will see you on the otherside!

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