RachelH_07(call me happy or Rachel) (Leader and creator of the cheese club 🧀)

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I don't know how you found me but welcome to my profile
hello there !

You can call me Rachel

Clubs I created :🧀Cheese Club🧀
Pfp is by: me

RachelH_07 (aka me) -
Age: 11
Height:growing(but I'm small)
Hobbies:singing ,animating ,playing keyboard,and photoshop...

Inky Jaxon-
Age :10
Height: a little shorter than me

Rose Carter-
Age : 10
Height : a little shorter than me
Gender : girl 👧
Hobbies : making dresses

Tyler Brandon -
Age : 10
Height - Inkys height probably
Gender - Boy
Hobbies - ???

Kyle Davidson-
Age : 10
Height : Wollip's height
Gender : Boy
Hobbies : sports

Camilia BlueVelvet-
Gender :Girl
Hobbies: ???

my roblox user:

I'm back

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