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Hello, I'm Zahra. I'm very happy to see you.
Thank you so much for follow, like and comments ♡
I'm a 14-years-old girl and who like drawing very much 🖌️🎨
Joined: October 19th
Birthday: July 6th
Fav things→↓

Color: Purple💜
Animal: Horses 🐎
Bird: chicken 🐔
Job: Dentist🪥
Subject: Art🖌️, math➕, music🎶 Science🔬
Food: Pasta 🍝
Fruit: Apricot🍑
Drink: Cocoa milk 🧋
Season: Just summer☀️😌
Scientist: Nikola Tesla ⚡
Animation(s): Spirit riding free 🐎_ Moana 🛶🌊
Celebritie(s): Indila❤️_Selena Gomez💛_ Dua lipa💚_ Alan walker💙
Language(s): English🇺🇲_French🇫🇷
App: Anime maker 🖍️_ Pinterest📌
Toy: Fidget toys 🛴
Emoji: ☺️

Thank you for supporting me.Love you so much, bye 😊💞

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