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Hello! I am just a random peep who found this app and has nothing to with life- :< and I do not have a drawing pen and if I do the vat sis not hide it =] and um- I love to draw i love science i hate math >:/ math sucks hmm hmmmmmm I can cook =D that's something I am proud of =3 I have wkn oc that I ahve shown- the rest i will like to keep private i hope you guys don't mind '-' and um- i wanna start doing for time on my artwork/animations if thats okay!
Your skin isn't paper 📃🚫
Don't cut it ✂️🚫
Your face isn't a mask 🎭🚫
Don't hide it 💄🚫
Your size isn't a book 📚🚫
Don't judge it 🙅🏻‍♀️🚫
Your life isn't a movie 🎥🚫
Don't. End. It.... 🔫🚫❌🚫
You guys are the....
peanut to my butter 🥜
Water to my ocean 💧🌊
Glaze on my donut 🍩
Twinkle in my eye 👁✨
Blue in the sky 🔵🌌
Cherry to my sundae 🍒🍨
Flip to my flop polf ym ot pilf
Milk to my cookie 🍪🥛
Sweet to my dreams 🍭 🛌
And the half of my heart 💔
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Name: Ember
Species: Dragon
Sex: Bi/she
Other things about Ember:
Ember is many like me I am shy I 100% can't talk to strangers in real life :< has I few friends- can't speak well- sO sooo SoOo can't type well =]

Name: Error
Species: Demon/???
Sex: ???/He
Other things about Error
He does not talk much and he can teleport but he does not use to much. Error wants to be normal- he can see and hear :^ his eyes are "Error" lol- he manly nice but can get mad easily.

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