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I got logged out ;-;
Just call me broken or damaged or anything I guess I don’t give a f-
*10+ account I say stuff*
The shell of sorrow.
With a smile
people think your happy
With a frown
They don’t care
They never did
But deep inside
Someone in the crowd
Really cares about you
They try to help
Sometimes succeeding
Sometimes failing
But you are happy
Because they tried
That’s why they are a decent person
Images colored on Happy Color:84
Best quotes=
“ my phone automatically puts PENIS in all caps”
“ One Day “


Full name: Alex Jones
Sibling(s): Matthew Jones (Spookers)
Sexuality: Pansexual and a Trans male
Boyfriend: Conor Davis
Disorder: bipolar ( his eyes change color based on his mood and he can read minds and talk to people in their head)

Name; Conor Davis
Age: 19
Siblings: Amy Davis (girl) Rose Davis (girl)
Boyfriend: Alex Jones
Disorder: none

Name: Amy Davis
Age: 22
Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationship: No one ;-;
Shipable: no sis
Disorder: none
Sibling(s): Conor Davis, Rose Davis
She is hella badass and that cool ass aunt you never had

Name: Rose Davis
Age: 19
Sexuality: Lesbian (she didn’t come out yet though)
Relationship: secret person
Shipable: nope sis
Disorder: none
Sibling(s): Conor Davis, Amy Davis
She’s kind and very sweet

Baby: D♥a♥d♥d♥y♥ e♥l♥e♥p♥h♥a♥n♥t♥ 🐘
My mother(s): 👻Deadinside👻, 🎃 𝙅𝙚𝙣 🎃, 🌷🌸✨𝑒 𝑙 𝑙 𝑦✨🌸🌷
My FATHER: 🖤ring-a-ring-a-rosies🖤 [Matte]

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