gavin's insanity

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heyo friends, um..
im full of boredom cx

-currently online-

-irl acc: gavins insanity :l
-taken ?: ye im dating timewarpss
-nickname: just frigin call me gavin--
-inspirations ?: yeh, sufoih & sleepykinqqqq

-apps you can find me on:
youtube: (i don't post anymore so nOpe)
animal jam: tomatopo (uh-- again, i don't play it anymore..)
animemaker: you're here !

-daddy long legs ?: fite me binch.
-frenss: timewarp, alistar, teals, spensh, meli, aqua, etc.
-close frenss: timewarp(lol yas),aqua, alistar and teals !~
-any people i ship ?: uh yeh a lot. of course alistar x teals hehehe
and yes i know meli and spensh broke up but still, it was a good couple. r.i.p ;-;
lord x mikeyy : i don't talk much to them for some reason but ayy :D
mangle the wolf x aqua : saw it today and i ship it ~ aqua is my ex but ayy i ship it now :3

~have a good morning, evening, or night !~

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