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Profile picture by: Uraraka-♡-chan

If you need to title me, use 'SGXLG' as short! Thank you! ✨
Call me as Carla! 🤓✨

Good day/night to all of you and welcome to my page~ ⍢⃝🐾
Short Personal Stuff About Me (●'◡'●) 💖

Name (My Main Oc): Carla Mira 👩🏻
Gender: Absolutely girl 💁🏻‍♀️
Age: 13+ 🙆🏻‍♀️
Birthday: 14th December 🎉
Country: 🇲🇾
How I Draw: Mobile phone with fingers 📱👆🏻
Favorite Genre Anime & Manga: Adventure, horror and comedy especially SURVIVAL 👻
Account Born: Wednesday, 18ᵗʰ of November 2020 😄✨
My Personality Type: ISFJ (but not completely > <)
I almost going to be an artist, I think! I love making moving-picture animation because it looks realistic!! 😆✨

Some Kind Of My Goal ✨✨✨
50 Followers = 5 fan art ✔️
100 Followers = I think pick a spot more better 🙆🏻‍♀️ ✔️
200 Followers = Eye reveal ⚆_⚆ ✔️( That's creepy ;-;)
300 Followers = Still thinking 🙃

Remember to always love your arts because it was you who made them! 😤 And also, love yourself because you has a reason in your life 💖💕

If you notice that I did not post or commenting everyday then that means I am busy with my things in real life that I need to focus on and this phone was not mine, so I can't use it always.

I wish you had a great day and be happy with your family, friends and others you care about. I hope your future will be bright and nothing will stop you from making a choice for your life (In a good way). If there are something that makes you failed, you should keep on try and try until you manage it. You all can do it.


One more thing, I WON'T QUIT from AnimeMaker since I has friends that I adore them so much here and many awesome arts, stories, animations and kind artist! >:3 ✨

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