Ice claw -If you’re feeling suicidal than you’ve come to the right place, CUZ I WANNA FUCKING KILL MYSELF TOO-

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~SECRET GARDEN~ flowerfell
He said " oh Mary, contrary how dose your garden grow?"
"Come with me, and you'll be, the seventh maid in a row"
My answer was laughter soft as I lowered my head
"You're to late, I'm afraid, this flower's already dead."
Resetting as I was, with blossoms in full bloom. Never a chance to pause with magic to consume. A shadow walked behind me offering his hand.
But couldn't understand.
He said
" oh Mary , contrary how does your garden grow?"
" come with me, and you'll be, the seventh maid in a row"
My answer was laughter soft as I lowered my head.
"You're too late, I'm afraid , this flower's already dead..."

Scattering petals down the road without an end..
Left on the battleground for one I called my friend..
Maybe he loved me as he took me by the hand....and tried to understand...

I said.... "oh Mary, contrary how dose your garden grow?"

"Stay with me, I can't see anywhere that we could go..."
Their answer was laughter as darkness swallowed them up.
"One more Time, I'll be fine, sometimes kindness is enough.."
"Oh Mary contrary how dose your garden grow?"

"Don't leave me, please don't be the seventh maid in a row."
My answer a whisper soft as he lowered his head..
"Set them free. I'm sorry. This flower's already dead...”


Crush: I don’t know anymore

Bf/gf: They’ll never come back... anyways maybe I’ll find someone.

Gem: level 48 white sapphire
-Rarity-: mid rarity hard to find.

Currently: wants to die but is scared to make anyone sad.

Nerrison, danvid, maxpres (camp camp)
Fonnie, bablora, freoxy, (fnaf)
Soreil, pappyton, (undertale)

Other places I can find me:
Drawcast: Astrics
YouTube (not official): icetell
Framecast: Fallen Icetell

Ok, so.. I am a little paranoid at times and sometimes I will say I’m going to kill my self...but normally I’ll try then remember I’m scared of the thought of dyeing....just know that I come back, almost always come back. I love you all and I never want to make anyone sad. I’m sorry I’m writing this but I want you to know me....people lie to me a bunch, I solve their problems, I act as a carrier pigeon for them, I have to choose sides, I have to act happy, and fun, and cuss to get everyone to except me, I have found none of you are like that, that’s why I will never leave AnimeMaker until I graduate form college (lol jk art/animation school).

Ok so, lil paragraph....I feel so alone and sad and I miss Kate, she was the best thing that ever happened, I just wish she were here, I love her so much but I don’t know if we broke up, I’m scared that if I star dating someone else she might come and think I’m cheating on her which I will never do. I know I can never love anyone the same I would with her. Love her the most out of everything I care about. And I’m sorry I’m not on a lot I just don’t know about my life decisions anymore. To be honest I just want to give up and have something kill me. I mean me being gone would help my family have more money (even tho we aren’t struggling with that) and they would have to buy less food, I’m sure that if I left they would forget me in a year.
Anyways I’ll be posting vents more often on my bio maybe, and I’ll be on more maybe so ily guys bye...

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