If Only I Could Drown You~✨

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So, you’ve stumbled along my account, well I wouldn’t stay long really.
Most of my art is more mature, wholesome in some ways, but hey if you’re into
1. Weird shit
2. Gore
3. Snakes
4. And really any and all angst I can throw up

You’re set to stay a bit!

So, the main thing here is I don’t give a flying fuck what you think, unless I do, so shut up, and love it.

Emm, things to know about me

You are to call me VIX, or if you want, Hellstone(my last name
I’m only 15, so chill
I’m short, and my gender doesn’t matter, you can guess but if you don’t call me god, I’ll drown yo7 in my spinal fluids and tell you all the things I wish I could do to everyone who looks at me
I can get very aggressive about people I care abouttt
My ✨ aesthetic✨ Is a good mix of dark academic, goth, and like murderer vibes.

So, yeah

I call you all my little rats, because you make me sick, but your cute❤️

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