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Hope you stay safe and have have great year. Nobody knows what's coming it could be the end of coronavirus i hope it is I hate wereing the stupid mask it just sucks. Have a great year. And remember you are amazing and always be you never change you are amazing the way you are and you don't need makeup to make you look beautiful you are beautiful you are amazing you are smart you are so much that you think you are important to the world remember you are here for a reason and to be you is the reason never let yourself down always stay you you don't have to be someone else because you think you ugly I think everyone is beautiful handsome and you should think you are beautiful everyone is beautiful in there own way if your different then others like me that's fine I'm different so I have to be in a separate class because I'm different you are like that you should be proud if you are like my brother you should be proud my brother had altizum so he has thereap and he also had something with is feet because he would teelt them on words so he had to were feet brasses and that makes him speshle everyone is beautiful smart and even if people say you are ugly and a nerd there just trying to be better that you there trying to make you feel bad for no reason and that's just roud so if someone you know dose that and they say your a near and you are ugly just say thank you because you are not a nerd are ugly you are you and you know that you are beautiful and smart and you should never say you are ugly now I have said I was ugly because I was bullied and it wasn't right you need to be kinda and respect people never say that you are ugly I only said it because I was bullied and I was called ugly and dumb and people called me stupid and someone called me homeless because I live in a trailer and that's fine if someone called you ugly and dumb and stupid say thank you because you know you are not ugly and dumb you know that you are smart and beautiful even if you are the person that bullies people you are smart and beautiful even if you say you are not I think you are and I hope you think you are to. You are amazing on your own way

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