💔Dipsy The Slendytubbie💔(Leader of Tinky Winky fans clan)

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Hello,I'm Dipsy I'm new on this app
I can get infected sometimes that can attack you..but I won't ^^

I have a crush on Tinky Winky but I don't know that he feels the same....
But I've seen that some people ships him with White Tubbie..

But that's ok! ^^
I don't like wannabes :<

Here are the infos!
Name: Dipsy
Antenna: "Dipsy's Antenna"
Crush: Tinky Winky
Age: 15
Likes: LaLa, Whitetubbie for saving us!
Dislikes: Wannabes, cheaters

That's all ^^ I also like FNaF(Five Nights at Freddy's)
Favourite songs: Die in a fire,Discord

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