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🌴slendy animeons#(🔥💎leader of the forgotten crystal 78 group💎🔥)

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Hola guys this is my 10th accout or something anyways go folow my big brother!
Account: 💜💔tinky winky💔💜(member of the slendytubbies art team)
Amoung us chat 2020: 🌺slendy the wolf🌺
Tiya find a friend amoung us chat : 💜slendy the slendytubbie💜
Among us: slendy, XxSLENDYxX,music wolf, polish cow,pop cat
Roblox: Eevee282012
Minecraft: Christina282012
Wildcraft: (i forgot but its probably shadow)
Gender: female
Eye color: any type
Antenna: hart
Gender: female
Eye color: red and green
Antenna: hart mixed with dipsys dip stick
Futcher white tubbie
Gender: male
Eye color: yellow and red
Antenna: none
(Sorry i cant put here info :"|)
PFP by: me

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