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account rated PG 13
ima be cursing a bit lol

Ayo Brothers and Sisters How ya’ll doin ?
I do comics and animations. Hope you enjoy it I guess
I am the leaders of both the 💚Slush Squad 💚 and the 💙💜💚 Kuru Klan💚💜💙

I have a follower goal of: 200 (around that)

I love to do stupid things like be overly hyper all. The. Time. But drawing is my biggest passion. I love playing tennis and football (the English one) and hockey.
I’m much more of an extrovert but shy at times ( basically any time in public)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Undertale, Mario, Sonic..uh- Kirby…Nintendo in general. (ik sonic is sega)
I also love Gacha Life/Club it is a great passion of mine.
I like lego’s too because.... Lego’s are great
I also like actually love tf2 to bits,despite not being old enough to play it. ( also im a heavymedic shipper, I know it’s a crime)
I also quite like Popee the performer
I hate fnf so god damn much. The only good mod in my opinion is the vs mann co mod no questions asked
Roblox: bendythecandycane
Minecraft: barlski
Club Penguin Rewritten: Skipper EEEE
Fortnite: barlski
The sims: Kurustikbotlol69
Cookie Run: Kingdom : KuruKalamities
Brawl stars : KuruKalamities

Favourite anime: Any Precure series
Favourite animator on here: MinerMaster and Ripples/ Professor Speed ( go follow them they’re amazing )
Favourite movie: Shrek 2
Favourite Show: The Cuphead Show
Favourite Food: McDonald’s
Favourite song: every single vs mann co song
Gender: Female ( any pronouns I don’t rlly care )
Nickname for me: Call me Kuru, Pal.
Favourite Youtuber: DJ Cook, Flamingo, Sona Drawz Stuff Yt, Mr Beast
Age: uhhhhhhhh..... I don’t remember...
Favourite colour: literally all of them-
Sexuality: Asexual (les)
Hobbies: D R A W, Video games, doing nothing
PFP: idk something
Real name: HAHA NOPE

I support the idea of being a furry
It’s fine if you don’t
I find it strange but interesting
I’m not a furry btw

I support LGBTQ++
It’s fine if you don’t. 🏳️‍🌈

Try to stay as Safe as possible during these times, Comrades,
We are all in this together.



Current follower count: 45

I can tolerate cursing, but don’t expect me to be swearing in every other sentence.

(btw my persona’s name comes from the little noise candy makes from smile Precure. Like, she would say: “ You need to transform- Kuru!”)


-+=;:*:;=+- bio is a WIP -+=;:*:;=+-

P E A C E !

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