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Itz ya boy crumb!
I’m a silly little artist :P
My favorite food is Mac and cheez!
My favorite color is: 🧡🐱🍊🎃🐅🐈🥕🔸🧶
I am a christian! ✝️
I love all animals but specifics include: Any canine, foxes, dogs, coyotes, wolves, raccoons, opossums, and more!
My favorite kandi is sour patch kids 😋
I enjoy wearing hoodies, baggy clothes, tons of necklaces at the same time, earrings, converse, my style changes everyday
My current hyper fixation: idk!
My interests: My little pony, tadc, hello kitty, young Sheldon, the amazing world of gumball, bonesss, outside, nature, animals
Games I play: minecraft, animal jam, animal crossing, roblox
Music I listen to: random popular songs, nf, odetari, Billie eyelash, Melanie Martinez
Favorite movies: bolt, wolf walker, zootopia, spider man into the spider verse, leo, ratatouille, the princess and the frog, and many more
I am a furry! If u can’t tell already

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