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Bunny_cartoonist 👩‍🎨[quited]

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Welcome to my channel🍭🍫
Hello my old character is goldfish snd Snow Rabbit❄❄❄🐇💕[I hate her]
I'm 10(In real)👩‍🎨
👍👉My name is ???? and I made BGGBG club
I want to be your friend!{●^>^●}
You can call me B.A
Goldfish:My little sister is Zy
My pet name is top
Don't copy my style or character.If you copy I will report you🤦‍♀️
Follow ♡pink_love_cat♡
#helpforukraine 🇺🇦
🤘BGGBG club leader🤘
Goldfish likes:hug,her little sister,her boyfriend
(My teacher)FOLLOW HER:Fuzzy (🤟BGGBG Club Manager🤟) and my bestie 👉REIGAN(the name and the profile pic is just a troll so don’t me mad)
Actually I am girl.

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