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•Hello there! My name is BlueIvy. But you can call me Blue if you want. On here I do Steven Universe content. My goal is 300 followers so please help me out by following me! Thank you for all your support I really appreciate it all. Anyways, about some years ago I used to draw. I would like to draw all the time. But one day once I found out about animating I got interested and wanted to be a animator myself. So I keep practicing and practicing and practicing and yeah! Here I am. Although, I did have many accounts on this app before I got here. At first I wasn’t rlly as good as I am now. My animations DEFINITELY weren’t smooth. In fact they we’re so messy and so fast you couldn’t even tell what it was kinda. I wish I could go back to it:) I didn’t really know how to slow down the animations and the rest of the things you could do on here to make my animation better. I’m glad that I improved now and I’m focusing on making more improvement in the future:D I hope you have a good day bye!

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Anyways, here is a “about me” I guess lol.
Height: I don’t rlly pay attention to that->-
Sexuality: I’m straight;)
Favorite color:yllw,orange,tangerine,etc.
Age:let’s keep that a secret for now hehe;)
Favorite Food: Chicken and ramen Favorite Drink:Dr Pepper and Pink Lemonade
Favorite Snack: Chips and Gwac
Now here is some Likes and Dislikes of mine:
~•Likes n Dislikes•~
Likes:Plaid clothes,Almond milk, Clean things, FlipaClip, AnimeMaker, Sweaters, Apple Pie, Eggnog, Water, Twix, Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, Dr Pepper, Guacamole and tortilla chips, peanut butter jelly sandwiches, drawing animating, cute dogs, Pomeranian dogs, Poodles, cookies, blow pops, fruit snacks, watermelon, mangoes, honey due melon, bananas, strawberries, soft socks, circle glasses, clear glasses, roblox, royal high, tower of hell, wormy, piggy, fall block, color block, Murder Mystery 2, Being Murderer in Murderer Mystery 2, winning as murderer in Murderer Mystery 2, among us, Alex and Katie, My Little Witch Academia, Winning tower of hell, Bloxy awards, Gacha, Gacha Life Mini Movies, Gacha Club mini movies, Oreo Milkshake from Sonic, Strawberry milkshake from Sonic, Bacon burgers, Burger King, Raising Canes, Snow, Florida, Texas, Long sleeved shirts, hoop earrings, plaid jackets, not doing homework, not doing math, not doing work, Animating, Making friends, Having a good conversation, Being imposter in among us, My hair being flat ironed, Wining as imposter in among us,bread, and Laptops.(etc)
Dislikes:School, Annoying people, Whining Siblings, Mean people, Rude people, Selfish people, hackers on Among Us, Dogs that bite, Carrot Cake, Corn, Green beans, Sweet potatoes, yams, nosy people, bull dogs, Laps around the gym, push ups, Math, Haters, Unclean things, beans and rice, stew, tea, milk, annoying bus drivers, short finger nails, boiled egg, Hershey’s, lifesavers gummies, Using a marker for sketching, cheese by itself, cotton candy, not winning in Tower of Hell, Not winning as imposter in Among Us, Not Winning in Murderer Mystery 2, blueberries, Harry Potter, and small sketchbooks,(etc)

Quotes from ‘ya gurl Blue~

“Your creation is not trash. It’s just the beginning of your masterpiece.”

“Improvement takes time. Don’t gain envy by looking at others improvements. Be patient and wait for your own.”

“Effort is the first step of improving.”

“Love your art for what it is. Not just for it’s improvement.”
For 100 followers I will do a fanart contest! There will be 3 winners. First place, second place, and third place. The three winners prize will be fanart drawn by me and a shoutout in one of my animations in the future!! If I ever get to 1000 followers I will do a art contest where I pick three Oc’s and whoever draws one of them the best will win! You don’t have to draw all of them you can just choose from the three. If I ever do make that much of an amount of followers I might start uploading more on my current YouTube channel that’s called •BlueIvy• which is the same name as the one on here. I have so much more plans and ideas in the future but I have to be patient, which is rlly hard since I’m so excited even if it might take YEARS or even months. Sometimes I see you tubers with only little subscribers and do a subscriber special too early. I think personally that it’s good to wait until you have a good amount bc then you have more motivation and you improve more, etc. I believe that I can reach 1000 followers bc if others did and started off small, then I sure can too no matter how long it takes Im willing to go the distance:)
For the followers I have now I am very thankful for it. So thank you. I’m so grateful. Really. Thank you so much. I rlly appreciate it. I’m looking forward to go on this great journey with you guys and keep all my memories in every one of my followers hearts. You guys aren’t just followers to me. You are my friends and my supporters and I am so so thankful for you. No matter how many times I say thank you I just don’t know how to express it. Keep on believing and have confidence and you will achieve!!


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