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People call my Edna Bc of how my name is very similar to that name. So idc If you call me Edna or my actual name Eden.
I use He/Him and They/Them pronouns.
Stuff I want to let you know about me
I’m not really a Dream SMP fan but I do think some people in that server are very cool and I do watch them, just not there Dream smp stuff. And I try my best to stay away from that community because of the toxic fan base but if you do like the Dsmp then I’m fine with it just please don’t be toxic. I did like the Dsmp once but once it started to get toxic I started to stray away from it. So please, If I do talk or draw someone from the Dsmp, it doesn’t mean I am a Dsmp viewer. I don’t mind the people who are in it I just don’t like the fan base much really.
Please don’t get upset at me for having this opinion, but I just wanted to inform you about what I don’t want to be said about me.
Things I really like right now are,
The show Criminal Minds, Breaking Bad, Quackitys Content, CoryXKenshin, anything really that has to do with horror, crime, weather and science, Terraria, A lot of 90’s music and some 2000’s music, I like Japanese music a lot and musicals.
That’s about it! If you wanna know anything more about me then you can comment on any of my posts and ask!
Buh-bye 💃

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